Crowns and Bridges in Cardiff

If a tooth has been chipped, severely damaged or fractured then a dental crown is recommended to restore its shape and function. Crowns are made from a ceramic material like porcelain dental veneers which help to create a natural look. Dental crowns are also very strong, long lasting and they are also available in various shades of colour to match the rest of your teeth.

At Clifton Dental Care we have the latest technology and skills to handcraft dental crowns in-house and also fit them the same day with CERECĀ®. With 3D digital visualisation we can ensure your new dental crowns will be a perfect fit. The broken or chipped tooth will be prepared beforehand to enable the new crown to bond in place with a special adhesive. This process used to take a few weeks with a conventional impression that was sent to a dental laboratory but with our CERECĀ® technology a dental crown can be made and fitted in just one visit.

Clifton Dental Care also replace missing teeth and a dental bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth and 'bridge the gap' between the adjacent teeth which in effect uses them as a support. Made of the same porcelain material as dental crowns and once in place, it will enable you to enjoy eating and chewing as normal.

To find out more information about replacing missing teeth or repairing a broken tooth, please call 02920 486 231 and book an appointment at Clifton Dental Care where our dentists will carry out an assessment and recommend the most suitable treatment for your needs. Alternatively you can ask the dentist here.