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Kids Dentist in Cardiff

If you need a trusted, highly experienced children's dentist in Cardiff who is an expert in pediatric dentistry then our family friendly clinic can help.

Looking for NHS or Private "pediatric dentist near me" in Cardiff?

We welcome all children and their families to Clifton Dental Care where kids dental care is available through NHS or private care service.

By bringing your baby or child to Clifton Dental Care, you will enable us to monitor the progress and health of their young teeth whilst also checking to see if there are any future problems before the permanent teeth arrive.

Your child's first dental visit

Dentistry is important for children from an early age and, although they will naturally lose their ‘milk’ teeth, regular checks will help them become familiar with the dentist and its surroundings so it is less likely for them to be anxious about dental appointments in the future.

‘Baby' teeth start to appear from six to ten months. They play an important role as they help with the development of speech and chewing.

A child's first dental appointment is also about helping parents and guardians understand and learn how best to help their kids achieve good oral health; that also includes dietary advice.

Preventive dental care for kids

Our dentists will teach your child how to brush their teeth properly and recommend a correct toothbrush and toothpaste to use. We advise all parents and guardians to encourage their children to brush their teeth at least twice a day.

Regular supervision is recommended, so that by the age of 4 or 5 your child is brushing their own teeth correctly and at the right times.

If you would like to learn more about children’s dentistry, please feel free to call Clifton Dental Care today on 02920 486 231 or submit your question via ourask the dentist contact form.

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Our latest Cardiff kids dentist review via Google

"What a wonderful, warm welcoming place. Having bad previous experiences with dental practises I can say that at Clifton Dental practise they are so friendly and professional and have are always happy to help.

My whole family is registered here (My 4 children and partner) and the children love it too, the displays in the foyer about sugars in drinks really interest them and have made a difference in what they now decide to drink and they aren't afraid to go and visit.

The surgery is always very clean and well presented and the staff all look very profrssional. Well done everyone at Clifton you all definitely get 10/10 from my family."
- Laura Jones, via Google reviews