Root Canal Treatment in Cardiff

If you're looking for a trusted and experienced 'Endodontist near me' in Cardiff, our friendly clinic can provide an affordable and effective root canal treatment.

Our root canal team includes a highly skilled dentist, Dr. Cassandra Maunder (GDC No: 103461), who has over 15 years of extensive dentistry experience.

In 2019 she completed a Masters degree in Clinical Endodontics with distinction. She is confidently able to undertake more complex root canal treatments, working with the aid of a dental operating microscope. Cassandra is also happy to take private referrals from other dentists for root canal treatment.

Why choose Clifton Dental Care for your root canal?

  • Experienced and caring team
  • Wide range of dental treatments
  • 27 years of extensive dentistry and facial aesthetics experience
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Competitive prices
  • Friendly and modern clinic near you in Cardiff

  • 5 star Google review from our patient

    "Excellent dentist. Highly recommend. A kind of life saver when in trouble. And love the sugar display by door regarding thought provoking dental and other health considerations. Thanks!"
    - Hugh Thomas, via Google reviews

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    How much does a Cardiff root canal treatment cost?

    To help keep our dental care services as affordable as possible, we have ensured our endodontic treatment prices are competitive when compared to other local dentists in Cardiff and surrounding areas.

    Our root canal treatment fees start from as £280. For more information, please see our latest prices and special offers or book an appointment with our endodontist near you today.

    What does an endodontist do?

    All teeth have a soft tissue inside called pulp which contain nerves. If a tooth is severely decayed, fractured or has undergone many dental treatments, bacteria can enter into the root canals and infect the pulp.

    This can be extremely painful so the purpose of an endodontic treatment is to prevent or eliminate the disease within the tooth and surrounding bone.

    Commonly known as root canal treatment, the endodontic procedure is highly successful and involves removing the bacteria within the affected tooth, disinfecting, and then thoroughly cleaning its root canals. The treatment requires the skill and experience of a specialist endodontist and does take time to complete.

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    Before treatment, a local anaesthetic is given and once the root canals have been thoroughly cleaned, they are then filled with a rubbery material to seal and prevent bacteria from re-entering.

    How long does a root canal take?

    The root canal treatment can be done in one or two sessions, or over one to two hours, depending on the complexity of each case. The tooth will be sensitive for up to 24 hours after the treatment, but pain killers can be taken to relieve the pain.

    After the endodontic treatment, your tooth will be weaker and may break or fracture more easily. We advise that it is restored properly by a dentist.

    Your root canal treatment in Cardiff

    Looking for a 'root canal near me'? Please feel free to call Clifton Dental Care on 02920 486 231 or submit your question through our ask the dentist form.

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