Root Canal Treatment in Cardiff

If you're looking for expert and affordable root canal treatment in Cardiff from a trusted and experienced endodontist then our friendly and modern clinic can help.

Our highly skilled root canal team includes principal dentist Dr. Chris Pryde (GDC No: 68367), who has over 27 years extensive dentistry and facial aesthetics experience.

Popularly known as root canal treatment, the Endodontic procedure is highly successful and involves removing the bacteria within the affected tooth, disinfecting, and then thoroughly cleaning its root canals. The treatment requires the skill and experience of a specialist endodontist and does take time to complete.

All teeth have a soft tissue inside called pulp which contain nerves. If a tooth is severely decayed, fractured or has undergone many dental treatments, bacteria can then enter into the root canals and infect the pulp. This can be extremely painful so the purpose of Endodontic treatment is to prevent or eliminate the disease within the tooth and surrounding bone.

Before treatment, a local anaesthetic is given and once the root canals have been thoroughly cleaned hey are then filled with a rubbery material to seal and prevent bacteria from re-entering.

The overall treatment can be over one or two sessions, or one or two hours, depending on the complexity of each case. The tooth will be sensitive up to 24 hours after but pain killers can be taken to relieve the pain.

After treatment the tooth is generally weaker and can break or fracture more easily. We advise that the tooth is restored properly by a dentist after root canal treatment.

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