White Fillings in Cardiff

If you're looking for affordable white fillings in Cardiff then our trusted and friendly dental team can help.

Our highly skilled team includes principal dentist Dr. Chris Pryde (GDC No: 68367), who has over 27 years extensive dentistry experience.

Most people will suffer with tooth cavities and dentists have always used amalgam fillings which are unsightly metal patches that can be easily seen when laughing or smiling. Silver fillings, as they are known to most patients, are mercury based and are very strong and reliable but unfortunately they will never offer a natural look to your smile.

The latest composite material is available in white and is just as strong as a normal tooth filling. White tooth coloured fillings can not only enhance your smile, but generally match a perfect shade to the tooth being filled and is a great affordable option even if you wish to replace old, worn-out silver fillings.

Mercury filling replacement

As well as being very noticeable and unsightly, there is also concerns over the safety of mercury in traditional amalgam fillings. Therefore at Clifton Dental Care we prefer to use the modern alternative composite resin found in tooth coloured fillings which is now considered as strong as traditional silver fillings and used by many dentists worldwide.

Composite resin can also be used to build up teeth or make up the shape of a chipped tooth which enhances both their strength and appearance. If you would like to find out more then please call 02920 486 231. Or you can send us an appointment request here.