Denplan Finance in Cardiff

Our Denplan covers the cost of all routine treatments.

We offer two types of Denplan cover:

Denplan Care

This is our most popular level of cover as it covers the costs of all treatment, so there are no unexpected large bills. The Denplan fee includes the cost of all clinically necessary treatment, eg. hygienist time, white fillings, amalgam fillings, Root canal treatment, extractions, dentures, crowns and bridges.

(Please note Denplan does not cover laboratory fees or elective cosmetic treatment eg. Tooth whitening or orthodontics)

You will be allocated to a Denplan band depending on your clinical need.

Banding Prices

Denplan Banding prices

  • Denplan A - £10.90
  • Denplan B - £17.22
  • Denplan C - £20.09
  • Denplan D - £26.81
  • Denplan E - £31.29

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials cover the cost of your dental check ups and Hygienist visits. Denplan Essentials does not cover the cost of any treatment, however you will benefit from a 20% discount from our normal private prices. (excluding Tooth whitening and Orthodontics).

We offer 3 levels of Denplan Essentials depending on your dental needs. These are:

  • A: Basic - 1 x check up & scale and polish with the dentist per year, plus 1 x 20 min visit with the hygienist per year. £ per month.
  • B: Standard - 2 x check ups with dentist plus 2 x 20 min visits with the hygienist per year. £ per month.
  • C: Gum care - 2 x check ups with dentist plus 4 x 20 min with hygienist. £ per month.

In addition all Denplan patients benefits from the Denplan Supplementary Insurance which includes worldwide emergency cover home and abroad and dental injury cover up to £10000 per incident.

For more information regarding Denplan please ask a member of the practice for a copy of the Denplan Care Application and Membership Pack or alternatively visit