Dental Hygienist in Cardiff

Oral hygiene is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Our hygiene programme at Clifton Dental Care ensures patients have the build-up of deposits and plaque regularly removed from their teeth. It also enables us to assess and instruct our patients on the best ways to keep teeth and gums healthy. We also offer practical dietary advice to minimise the development of dental decay.

However, it is not only the prevention of decay and gum disease we are interested in; it is now widely recognised that dental disease as a result of poor oral hygiene is linked to heart disease, diabetes and low birth-weight babies. Good, oral hygiene has never been more important and from the very young to the elderly we tailor advice to best suit the individual.

Regular and thorough oral hygiene examinations are essential to pick up the first signs of decay (caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) before they cause significant harm. Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common and regular dental check-ups can help in its early diagnosis thereby greatly increasing the chances of successful treatment.

We therefore encourage our clients to make regular visits offering them the reassurance their oral health is being expertly and frequently monitored and that any necessary treatment will be minimal.

If you would like to book a dental check-up or hygiene visit at Clifton Dental Care then please call 02920 486 231. Or you can send us an appointment request here.