Periodontist in Cardiff

Periodontology is the treatment of serious gum disease which requires a dental specialist known as a periodontist. If gum disease is not treated early, the excessive build up of plaque will harden into tartar and not only affect the receding of gums, but attack the bone structure that helps support the teeth. This can result in tooth loss.

Non-surgical periodontal treatments can be carried out by cleaning the build up of plaque that form into pockets surrounding the teeth just below the gum line. In more serious cases where scalling cannot reach deeper areas, further treatment will be required called root planing to carefully remove plaque and tartar from the roots of the teeth.

At Clifton Dental Care we carry out the necessary periodontal treatments and procedures may require a number of visits to the surgery. After successful periodontal treatment has been completed, we will advise regular check ups and thorough cleans every three months to prevent re-population of periodontitis developing.

If you would like more information about periodontics and the treatments we can provide, or are concerned about bleeding gums or have been recommended by your dentist to see a periodontist, please call our practice today on 02920 486 231 and book a consultation.